Who Needs Phonics?

More than a third of all Americans, 43%, read at the lowest 2 literacy levels according to the 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NAAL). You can see the percent of Americans at each literacy level on another of our web pages, here.

Children are also at risk. In 2009 nationwide, 67% of 4th grade students, 75% of 8th grade students, and 74% of 12th grade students were not reading at a proficient level according to the National Center for Educational Statistics.

70% of those in prison and 70% of those on welfare read at the lowest 2 literacy levels. (1992 NALS)

Phonics can also improve your spelling, even if you already read well.

Signs that you may need phonics:

- Very slow reading
- Dislike of reading
- Poor spelling
- Difficulty reading technical material
- Difficulty reading the following words: Cardiomyopathy, circadian, submatpid, melloyment, becime, coorninace (The last 4 words are nonsense words.)

You can find out for sure by taking a reading grade level test, the New Elizabethian Test and the Miller Word Identification Assessment (MWIA.) The MWIA is on Don Potter's Education Page.