Syllables Spell Success

Syllables Spell Success is an interactive 10 lesson course that 40L volunteers have been teaching to individual students for 10 years and to groups of students for 7 years. The classes have averaged 1 to 2 grades of reading grade level improvement after class completion. The course focuses on syllables and spelling, working on 2 syllable words from lesson one. The first half of the lessons focus on syllables and spelling patterns, using a mix of real and nonsense words. Each of these lessons end with phonics games based on single syllable words. The second half of the lessons work on advanced phonics and include Greek and Latin word root study and syllable based phonics of 4th to 12th grade level words. Each of these lessons end with Greek or Latin word root bingo.

There is a DVD version of the course. The transcript from this DVD is available in the teacher folder below. The videos are also free to watch on 40L's YouTube page on the Syllables Spell Success playlist. You can teach from the the transcript or use the DVD or YouTube Red to play the videos for your class.

Here is a two page overview of the Syllables Spell Success program. The syllables program may improve your reading speed, even for students reading at or above grade level. Here is a PDF and aYouTube movie explaining the science and research of reading speed, syllables, and nonsense words. A LinkedIn Article, Closing the Gap in Reading, explains how and why phonics can close the reading gap.

Each student's progress is documented on a one page schedule. For church use, Hebrews 12 verses are included. By skipping the Hebrews 12 passages, the program can be used in a secular manner in a public school environment. 40L volunteers have found that the fastest student progress is achieved by using nonsense words, but some very young students may need to use real words for a few lessons if the nonsense words are too difficult for them at first.

New! Quick Overview of the 10 lesson course in one Super Speed Syllables video and worksheet.

This is a single YouTube video lesson with one page of readings and exercises. It can be used as an overview or a review. It includes a student screening test and a one page exercise. You should also print page 6 of the vowel and consonant charts, and can use the optional language worksheets.

Files to print for each student's folder:

0. All of the following files, numbers 1- 9 below, in a giant 57 page PDF, a combined student packet. However, the vowel and consonant one page chart prints best directly from its original PDF, link #3 below, it has better resolution in that format. You can also order a printed copy of this PDF, a Syllables Spell Success Workbook from Amazon. The profits from the sale of the workbook go to support 40L's mission.

1. Syllables Spell Success one page schedule

2. Blend Phonics nonsense words document,
or for younger students, an alternate Blend Phonics Reader

3. The one page black and white vowel and consonant chart from 40L's vowel and consonant charts

4. Nonsense word syllable division worksheets,
or for younger students, an alternate syllable division worksheet using real words

5. Language worksheets (The last page of this worksheet file is answers for the teacher and volunteer tutors and should not be included with the student folder.)

6. Webster's Speller excerpts

7. Spelling rules document

8. Syllable division rules

9. One page vowel charts

10. Optional phonics bookmarks, a small version of the several of the charts used in the syllables program.

Files for the teacher's folder:

1. Concentration game, print one copy of the game for every 3 - 4 students, cut into squares before class.

2. Latin and Greek Bingo Cards, print one copy for every 12 students, must be cut before lesson 6. Laminate or reprint each lesson if using candy for markers.

3. Latin and Greek Bingo Master Card, pass out one to each student during game and collect for next lesson, print before lesson 6.

4. Latin and Greek word roots document. Print one copy per volunteer, they can use them to provide and define example words for each root during bingo play. Collect after each lesson.

5. Hebrews 12 passages to mark progress (optional)

6. Nonsense word document; provide copies of the homework portion for individual students motivated to make additional progress on their own. Students who completed this homework made the most progress. Students completing the program a second time or wanting another set of nonsense words for practice can use version 2 and an extra version with 20 pages of nonsense words.

7. Nonsense word tracker; provide copies of homework portion to motivated students, as well as an extra copy of the instructions.

8. Transcript of Syllables Spell Success course

9. Teaching tips (coming soon)

10. Syllable Drills (optional) These syllablve drills are for students who need to improve their fluency reading syllables. Improving speed and accuracy of syllables may improve reading speed. They can be given as homework or used in extended class time.

11. Sample schedules for a 10 lesson, 6 lesson, 4 lesson, or 3 lesson version of the course, and a page showing the exercises for each lesson with the amount of time to spend on each for a group class.

Testing files for before and after progress measurement

1. Silent reading speed test, last page is student progress page (optional except for last page)

2. 40L Quick Screen Reading Grade Level test

3. NRRF reading grade level test, 1st to 6th grade level, part 2 (optional)

4. NRRF reading grade level test, extension to 12th grade level (optional)

5. The MWIA. The original MWIA, versions I and II, available from Don Potter with extensive instructions in its use. A much shorter version has been developed and tested, it is the MWIA Version 3. It also has a short version of the original MWIA I called the MWIA 1 short. To help you understand the MWIA scores, 40L has developed a document called Understanding and Using MWIA Scores. You can also watch 40L's YouTube MWIA playlist for more about the MWIA.

6. 40L's Nonsense Word Test, a short optional test with 25 nonsense words to determine if the Syllables lessons are likely to improve your reading speed and accuracy.