Scrabble Spelling Strategies

Knowing the sound spelling patterns of English can improve your scrabble scores. If you know the most common ways that letters combine and the frequencies with which these combinations occur, you’ll find it easier to make words.

The best reference for this is Margaret Bishop’s book, “The ABC’s and All Their Tricks.” It is based on the Hanna study of the most common 17,000 words in the English language. Each vowel and consonant sound has its own page showing frequency of occurrence and common exceptions. A summary of these frequencies can be found in our Phonogram Charts. (Both of the Phonogram Charts are useful, but the chart for reading will probably be most helpful for improving your scrabble spelling strategies.) Knowing which consonants blend together is also helpful. You can see a chart of beginning blends and ending blends at The Resource Room.

online spelling lessons teach all the sound spelling correspondences you need to know to improve both your overall spelling and your scrabble spelling strategies. You might also find this written list of spelling rules helpful. Finally, you can learn more written information about spelling strategies here.