Greek and Latin Roots

These Greek and Latin roots, suffixes, and prefixes come from William Draper Swan's 1851 Spelling Book and Jessie MacMillan Anderson's 1897 A Study of English Words. Most of the definitions come from these two books or Noah Webster's 1828 dictionary. For a few newer words without definitions, definitions were developed by 40L's director.

Greek and Latin Word Roots: A selection of 32 Greek and 32 Latin word roots, suffixes, and prefixes with their English meanings and definitions.

Latin and Greek Bingo Card Master: A master list of all the Greek and Latin roots and their meaning. It can be used as a reference and is also the master for calling out bingo words for all 4 groups of bingo cards.

Latin and Greek Bingo Cards: A set of 12 bingo cards for the words above, divided into 4 games, 2 Greek and 2 Latin. The first card for each list is alphabetized, the rest are randomly assigned. The symbols for each game correspond to the symbols on the master bingo card sheet.

Language Worksheets: A Greek word generator, a Latin Word ending exercise, and a language of origin writing challenge. These worksheets are based on teaching from Syllables Spell Success Lessons 7, 8, and 9.